Definitions for "Louise"
Louise is hubby's ex-wife. She lives in the same town and they share full joint custody of their kids. I complain about her a fair amount. It's not entirely without cause but I try not to assume that she's always the villain. She doesn't make it easy. (10/2002) The kids are both now over eighteen, out of highschool, and we no longer pay Louise any support for them. But they're both still living with her for now and life continues to be interesting. (06/2003) Louise and Lisa have moved south to live with Louise's mother.
Louise is an opera in four acts by Gustave Charpentier to an original French libretto by the composer. It premiered on 2 February, 1900 at the Opéra-Comique.
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My former boss. She has left for greener pastures upstairs and down the hall.
a member of a family that is foundational to this parish
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a lovely lady and a great match