Definitions for "LST"
Linear synchronous transit. An interpolative method used to guess a transition state structure given the structures of the products and of the reactants.
(Linear Synchronous Transit) An interpolative method to provide an initial guess for a transition state. Assumes each atom position in the transition state is in a direct line between its position in the reactants and its position in the products.
See local sidereal time.
Local Standard Time. A time based on the geographic location of the station in one of the legally established time zones of the globe.
Local sidereal time in astrology.
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Logical CP/M list device, usually a printer. The CP/M list device is an output-only device referenced through the LIST and LISTST entry points of the BIOS. The STAT command allows assignment of LST: to one of the physical devices: TTY:, CRT:, LPT:, or UL1:, provided these devices and the IOBYTE are implemented in the LIST and LISTST entry points of your CP/M BIOS module. The CP/NET command NETWORK allows assignment of LST: to a list device on a network master. For example, PIP LST:=TEST.SUB prints the file TEST.SUB on the list device.
List (file name extension)
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Tank Landing Ship
Landing Ship Tank
Land Surface Temperature. The skin temperature of the land (whether soil, grass, buildings, roads etc.)
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Localizable stick-together
large simple trial. a trial that includes a large number (typically several thousand) people and extends over a long period of time. LST have broad eligibility criteria, simple enrollment procedures, collect minimal data, and use major illness or death as endpoints. LST are intended to study treatments under "real world" conditions of use.
Double Long or Tandem Long Scissors Lift
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Laser Spot Tracker@ƒŒ[ƒU[ƒXƒ|ƒbƒg'ǐՑ•'uBƒŒ[ƒU[‚É‚æ‚é–Ú•WŽwŽ¦E‘ª‹—EÆŽË‚ðs‚¤‘•'uB
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Learning Science and Technology