Definitions for "Lucky Jar"
Keywords:  jar, bingo, won, announce, mistake
a container or jar containing cash, which is won by winning on the lucky number.
A jar packed with cash, which is to be won if a "special" number is drawn by the caller. If the caller announce the number by mistake it is also won he mistaken and announce it. It is usually the first number drawn in the session. Notice that money is added while the session progress and it is played almost only on regular bingo games.
A jar containing cash, of which the contents can be won by the player who gets “bingo” on the lucky number. The lucky number is usually the first number to be called out at the beginning of a session. Money is added to the jar every time the lucky number is called or if the caller makes a mistake in announcing the game.
Keywords:  winner, gifts, box, game, holds
A box that holds some gifts or money to be handed out to the first winner of a game.