Definitions for "Madam"
A gentlewoman; -- an appellation or courteous form of address given to a lady, especially an elderly or a married lady; -- much used in the address, at the beginning of a letter, to a woman. The corresponding word in addressing a man is Sir; often abbreviated ma'am when used as a term of address.
The woman who is in charge of a household.
The woman who is in charge of a brothel.
mature homosexual man.
Madam is a Japanese fashion which is the feminine version of Aristocrat, which is inspired by what is thought to be worn by European Middle Class and above status persons in the Middle Ages and by fashion worn by the upper class in the 19th Century, though Madam gets more of its influences from 19th Century fashion. The fashion includes long sleeve blouses and shirts, long skirts, corsetry and dresses with feminine, but not usually frilly styling that can come in a variety of colors. Make-up, when worn, is usually mature and on the slightly heavier side, though not excessive.
Keywords:  bordello, squire, noble, wife, female
Female noble rank, wife of a Squire.
The female head of a bordello