Definitions for "Magnifier"
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An accessibility tool that allows users to display the information on a computer screen as larger than normal. It allows users with vision problems to see smaller objects on the screen easier.
tool used to see anything up close; enlarges object being viewed; allows one to view objects closely; very effective when used properly for persons with magnifier; may be used by the legally blind with partial vision as a reading tool.
The Windows Magnifier is an Accessibility Tool that comes with Windows. It allows you to create a magnified area of your screen that can move around with either your cursor, keyboard or text editing movements. guddistuu View
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An optical device used to observe very small details. Used for quality control. See also: linen tester; loupe.
a scientific instrument that magnifies an image
A device used to increase the size of an image through the use of lenses or lens systems. A magnifier may be used at any distance from the eye (e.g., stand type, hand held, or spectacle mounted).
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Found on some models of compasses, these help the user read the small print on a map.
an important part of visual inspection
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n. one that magnifies, especially a magnifying glass.
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One who, or that which, magnifies.