Definitions for "Mailing"
A quantity of mail, such as letters, magazines, advertising brochures, etc., sent at one time by one person or organization; as, the ads with coupons will go out in our next mailing.
An individual issue of a publication. A mailing consists of many individual emails. Mailings can be sent to subscribers at regular or irregular intervals. See also email.
the same as a Distro. One bundle of apazines. Mailings occur at regular intervals, so you always know when the next one is coming and can theoretically get ready for it well in advance.
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An issue of an apa.
Permit - Permission to mail at bulk (presorted) rates. ( Go Back to Previous Page )
An announcement about a new Agreement or Offer with a brief overview.
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A farm.
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The act or process of sending materials through the mail.
a message you send to your entire list, or to segments you've created previously
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s Mailing (mass mailing or mail shot)
A group of mailpieces within the same mail class and mail processing category that may be sorted together under the appropriate standards. Also, the action of depositing or presenting mail at a post office.
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A specific mail piece.