Definitions for "Mammoth"
An extinct, hairy, maned elephant (Mammuthus primigenius formerly Elephas primigenius), of enormous size, remains of which are found in the northern parts of both continents. The last of the race, in Europe, were coeval with prehistoric man.
An extinct elephant having a sloping back and plated teeth that resembled a washboard. Mammoths were grazers and fed on grasses, sedges, and shrubs.
extinct relatives of the elephant that roamed North America and Eurasia during the Ice Age.
Exabyte Corporation's new high-performance, high-capacity 8mm tape backup technology.
8mm tape A high-capacity magnetic tape technology developed by Exabyte that uses the helical scan method. Drives are sold direct and through OEMs. Using the international 8mm format established in 1984, Exabyte introduced an 8mm drive for digital storage in 1987. The cartridges held 2.5GB, a breakthrough capacity for the time. In 1996, Exabyte introduced the Mammoth drive, a capstan-less version of its 8mm line, which supports AME-based 20GB cartridges and earlier MP-based cartridges. The lack of capstan reduces wear and tear on the tape, because the capstan has to press against the medium to move it. Tape libraries hold from 500GB to more than 1TB.
The newest high-performance helical scan tape technology. It uses 8mm wide tape housed in a cartridge similar to standard 8mm tapes.
Resembling the mammoth in size; very large; gigantic; as, a mammoth ox.
so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth; "a gigantic redwood"; "gigantic disappointment"; "a mammoth ship"; "a mammoth multinational corporation"
The Mammoth is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.
Mammoth is the alias of Baran Flinders, a fictional character that is a comic book supervillain from DC Comics. The character was created by George Perez and Marv Wolfman. He first appeared in New Teen Titans #3 (January 1981) as one of the founding members of the Fearsome Five, and became enemy of the Teen Titans, Superman, and the Outsiders.
Mammoth is a 2006 feature film directed by Tim Cox and produced by Plinyminor in association with the Sci Fi Channel staring Vincent Ventresca, Summer Glau, Leila Arcieri and Tom Skerritt.
A style of cheese, usually Cheddar, weighing between 75 and 12,000 pounds.
Mammoth is a peer to peer file sharing client accessing the fasttrack network.
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