Definitions for "Mandibles"
hard, jaw-like structures, located on either side of the mouth, used to crush food before it is passed through to the esophagus
The third pair of appendages on the crustacean head, usually reduced and specialized for food-processing.
The jaws of some animals. This term usually refers to the jaws of insects. mano: Part of a tool used for grinding corn and other grains. It is rolled across the metate to grind the grain. mantle: A rectangular piece of cloth used to cover or wrap the body. The ancient Paracas of Peru wrapped their dead in mantles called mummy bundles and then buried them.
Keywords:  larvae, ingest, feed, break, adults
Because the larvae are very different from the adults and they feed on organic material rather than liquids, mandibles are structures that allow the larvae to break bits of organic material from the plant in order to ingest.