Definitions for "Marbles "
Usually the area above the racing line on either an oval or road course where rubber scrubbed off tires and other debris come to rest in marble-like particles. ‘‘Getting into the marbles’’ often results in the driver losing control of his car.
Bits of tire debris that lie on the track, usually along the outer edge, and makes it hard for the tires to retain traction when passing theu this debris.
Every circuit has a good racing line. If one is off this line one may encounter marbles, small pieces of debris which are very slippery and may cause a car to go off.
Marbles is the 13th studio album from rock band Marillion, released in 2004 (see 2004 in music). Unlike their previous studio album, Anoraknophobia (2001), which was financed largely by a presales campaign, it was the publicity campaign that fans financed for the album. Those fans who pre-ordered the album received an exclusive 2-CD "Deluxe Campaign Edition" with a booklet containing the names of everyone who pre-ordered before a certain date.
Marbles is the solo recording project of The Apples in Stereo singer and chief songwriter Robert Schneider. The project started out in 1993 when Schneider would record his various musical endeavors on cassette for various people he knew, but was somewhat abandoned as the Apples got off the ground. He would later compile some of the songs, many of which featuring backing vocals from Will Cullen Hart of The Olivia Tremor Control, and release them officially in 1997 as an album named Pyramid Landing (And Other Favorites).
A children's game played with marbles{3}, little balls made of a hard substance (as glass).
Spheres of solid glass, usually with a pattern visible from all sides, traditionally an inch or less in size, but some people are now making 3,4,5, and 6" objects that are effectively marbles. The difference between a marble and a paperweight is that typically a marble is worked from prepared rod (the color twist for example) while the paperweight is built up. Usually a paperweight has a distinct attachment mark which must be ground away and polished or cut, while a marble is formed using tiny weak punties which leave little or no mark. [Although I have seen an article on collecting saying the small punty is considered a sign of a handmade marble.] My page
Marbles is a class of children's games played with glass, clay, or agate balls usually about ½ inch (1.25 cm) across. However, they may range from less than ¼ inch (0.635 cm) to over 3 inches (7.75 cm), while some art glass marbles for display purposes are over 12 inches (30 cm) wide. Marbles are often collected, both for nostalgia and for their aesthetic appeal.
Marbles is very similiar to Atomix and was heavily inspired by it. The goal is to create a more or less complex figure out of single marbles within a time limit to reach the next level. Sounds easy? Well, there is a problem: If a marble starts to move, it will not stop until it hits a wall or marble. Teleports, arrows, and crumbling walls make it even more interesting.
the basic human power of intelligent thought and perception; "he used his wits to get ahead"; "I was scared out of my wits"; "he still had all his marbles and was in full possession of a lively mind"