Definitions for "Marriage license"
Document issued by a town or county authorizing the performance of a marriage
A marriage license was not required; banns could be read. A license cost more than banns and required a lot of time and red tape. People living outside the Kingston/Spanish Town area were only married by license if they were more well-to-do or influential.
a license authorizing a man and a woman to marry
a fraud committed by the State on the populace to for the purpose of extorting revenue
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Martial Misconduct
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a pre-nuptial agreement
a permssion to perform an act that, otherwise, would be prohibited
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a piece of paper that gift-wraps the sacred treasure of sexual union
a public record of a legally recognized marriage between two citizens
A legal record that permits two individuals to get married
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a three-party contract between the man, woman, and the State known as an adhesion contract
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a public benefit