Definitions for "Marshalling"
('Marshaller' derived from ground-crew who marshal aircraft on airport aprons.) In the context of off-road operations, taken to mean the detailed direction of a vehicle by a marshaller outside the vehicle who is able to see all four wheels and also the difficult ground being traversed. Marshalling should be undertaken when there is the danger of damaging tyre sidewalls or the underside of the vehicle on rocks or other obstacles.
The process of using hand signals to direct an aircraft to park.
see parameter marshalling.
The packaging of a method's parameters into a request.
Marshalling is the process of packaging and sending interface method parameters across thread, process or machine boundaries.
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Conversion of a CORBA value into a stream of bytes, typically to be sent over TCP/IP.
A training course consisting of time spent with a Judge
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is to make ready for action or use, e.g., marshal resources.
Order of payment as between creditors and beneficiaries