Definitions for "Mastitis"
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Inflammation of the mammary glands.
the term applied to a breast infection which is caused by a blocked milk duct that has become infected. Mastitis will cause flu-like symptoms such as a fever, nausea and it will be very painful. You need to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect that you have mastitis. If left untreated mastitis can lead to a breast abscess which could require surgery. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and you need to finish the entire course, it is also important to nurse on the infected breast as the best way to help eliminate the blocked duct is to drain the breast of milk frequently. Never let a tender lump in your breast go for longer than one day without seeking medical attention as mastitis can appear very quickly (in most cases you will feel fine at bed time and you can wake up in the morning with a full blown breast infection!).
An infection in the breast tissue that produces tenderness, redness, and heat. It also produces flu-like symptoms of fever and muscle weakness.
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absceso de la mama. Infección del tejido mamario generalmente por gérmenes que se introducen por grietas o fisuras del pezón.
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Montgomery's tubercles