Definitions for "MEDLINE"
MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) On-Line
MEDLINE is a version of the bibliographic database of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). It is the primary source in the United States for information from the biomedical literature, containing references to articles from more than 3500 journals, and is the computerized counterpart of "Index Medicus ," the "Index to Dental Literature ," and the "International Nursing Index ." MEDLINE includes such topics as microbiology, delivery of health care, nutrition, pharmacology, and environmental health. The categories covered in the database include anatomy, organisms, diseases, chemicals and drugs, techniques and equipment, psychiatry and psychology, biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and education, technology, agriculture, food, industry, humanities, information science and communications, and health care. Each reference to an article or bibliographic citation in MEDLINE is called a record. The full text of the articles is not provided, but approximately half of the records contains abstracts written by the article's author. The database is international in scope; approximately 75% of the citations are published in English.
A database of indexed journal citations and abstracts. You can query it, for example, by accessing the NCBI's PubMed server.
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