Definitions for "Meds"
Medical Eligibility Determination Services. Refer to MEDS for definition. See: Family Medical Programs
Medical Eligibility Determination Services. Office that processes applications and provides ongoing maintenance for medical only assistance. This includes children, some pregnant women, and the Basic Health (BH). In ACES, the MEDS unit is shown as CSO #76. See: Family Medical Programs MEQR: Medicaid Extension Quarterly Report. The statement of earned income and child care expenses clients use to meet the quarterly reporting requirement. See: Medical Extensions
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"Meds" is a song by the rock band Placebo. It was the fourth single to be released from the group's 2006 album Meds. It came out on October 9th in both vinyl and CD format.
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Medication prescribed by a doctor. Usually refers to pills, capsules or tablets.
Multifunction Electronic Display System
Provides physicians with convenient access to up-to-date mediation history for patients they are treating in an inpatient setting.
Medicaid Evaluation and Decision Support (data warehouse)
Marine Environmental Data Service.
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Abbreviation for medication.
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short for medications.