Definitions for "Melissa"
A genus of labiate herbs, including the balm, or bee balm (Melissa officinalis).
a nymph and daughter of King Melisseus; she nursed the infant Zeus with goat milk on Mt. Ida; she taught humans how to use honey and her name comes from the Greek word for bee, melitta.
a genus of Old World mints of the family Labiatae
Melissa is the debut album of Danish heavy/black metal band Mercyful Fate released in 1983.
"Melissa" is a song released on the Eat a Peach album in 1972 by the American rock music group The Allman Brothers Band. It has enjoyed renewed popularity in the 2000s due to its feature in a commercial for Cingular/AT&T Wireless cell phone company and the use of it in a scene in Brokeback Mountain.
Melissa is a fast-spreading macro virus that is distributed as an e-mail attachment. While it does not destroy files or other resources, Melissa has the potential to disable corporate and other mail servers as the ripple of e-mail distribution becomes a much larger wave.
The Melissa worm, also known as "Mailissa", "Simpsons", "Kwyjibo", or "Kwejeebo", is a mass-mailing macro virus, hence leading some to classify it as a computer worm.
MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) is a European Space Agency project which aims to develop the technology required for a future biological life support system for long term manned space missions. MELiSSA utilizes Co2 and waste from the crew of a spacecraft and turns it into breathable air and food. This feat is accomplished through the use of bacteria and plants.