Definitions for "Mephisto"
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Mephisto is a fictional character that appears in the Marvel Universe and was created by Stan Lee and Sal Buscema in Silver Surfer vol. 1, #3 (October 1968).
Mephisto is a 1936 novel of Klaus Mann on which an award-winning 1981 movie was based. The novel adapts the Mephistopheles/Dr Faustus theme by having the main character Hendrik Höfgen abandon his conscience and continue to act and ingratiate himself with the Nazi Party to keep and improve his job and social position. The book is written as a satire, making Höfgen more a lampoon than a character in his own right, while the film is a more realistic exploration of a flawed but recognisably human character.
Mephisto is the title a 1981 film adaptation of Klaus Mann's novel of the same name, directed by István Szabó, and starring Klaus Maria Brandauer as Hendrik Höfgen. The film was a co-production between companies in West Germany, Hungary and Austria.
Constructed by Charles Godfrey Gumpel and first demonstrated in London in 1878, Mephisto was described as a Chess playing automaton. It was in fact a device which contained a person who played Chess. Operated by Isidor Gunsberg, it was the first automaton to win a Chess tournament.
Mephisto was the name given to a chess-playing 'pseudo-automaton' built in 1876.
Mephisto is the name of a German tank captured by Australian troops during World War I. One of only 20 built, it is the last surviving example of the first German military tank, the A7 V Sturmpanzerwagen, and is displayed at the Queensland Museum in Australia.