Definitions for "Midwives"
A nurse certified in the discipline of nursing and the practice of assisting in childbirth.
Midwives work with women so they can experience a healthy pregnancy and a safe natural childbirth as well as providing necessary education and follow-up care. Licensed midwives or nurse-midwives receive extensive training in gynecology, fetus development, obstetrical complications, nutritional assessment, counseling, community health, family planning, various forms of delivery management, and other issues surrounding pregnancy and birth.
Experts in normal pregnancy and childbirth. Certified Nurse-Wives are qualified to be the primary caregiver during pregnancy and childbirth, and have skills and authority to diagnose deviations from normal; they may intervene if necessary.
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Midwives: A Novel is a novel by Chris Bohjalian, and was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in October of 1998.