Definitions for "Miniatures"
Small paintings that accompany text in a manuscript or printed books are often called miniatures, not because they are small, but because a red lead pigment, called minium in Latin, was frequently used to decorate the initial letters.
"An independent illustration, as opposed to a scene incorporated into another element of the decorative scheme such as a border or initial" (Brown 86).
D&D was originally an outgrowth of fantasy wargaming, principally Chainmail. The Original Dungeons & Dragons bore the subtitle, "Rules for Fantastic Miniature Wargames Campaigns Playable with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures." Initially, fantasy wargamers used figures designed for historical wargaming, but eventually, new lines of fantasy figures appeared.
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Miniatures is an album by Alog, released in 2005.
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also model or miniature shots models photographed to give the illusion that they are full scale objects; for, example, the space craft in George Lucas' Star Wars (1977) were all models on wire guides.
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Tiny pitchers, bowls shaped like much larger items. see also animals