Definitions for "Mission Critical"
See fault tolerance.
Indispensable. Usually describes applications such as databases or process control software that are deemed essential to a company's operation and that typically run on mainframes or workstation rather than on personal computers. A nuclear power plant's operator console software is mission critical.
Applications that are vital to a company or organization's well being.
business processes that, should they not be performed, could lead to loss of life (“safety”), personal hardship to citizens, major damage to the environment, or significant loss in revenue. 16.3
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Any computer process that cannot fail during normal business hours. Some computer processes (e.g., telephone systems) must run all day long and require 100 percent uptime.
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adj. Term used to help hackers identify their targets
Information related to a company's highest priority work processes.
Any service or piece of equipment that, if down or missing, affects your ability to conduct business.