Definitions for "Mitzvah"
"Commandment". (plural: mitzvot) Precept found in (or based on) the Torah. When used in Yiddish, "mitzvah" means any good deed.
A commandment that is either found in the biblical text or else introduced by later tradition. Mitzvah can also mean “good deed.” (Plural— Mitzvot)
(pl. MITZVOT) -- Religious obligation or meritorious deed.
an act of kindness, to meet an unmet need, to relieve someone's discomfort
a sacred act of consciousness
a physical action containing unbounded spiritual energy, but it should be performed thus
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an opportunity
a way to connect with God, by doing something that we believe is pleasing to God
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a great event, No words were ever so true
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a special time in a young person's life