Definitions for "mnemonics"
writing a app. for remembering a lot of phone numbers I want to remember numbers through a system called pseudonumerology, its a mnemonic system to remember numbers through converting the to words .
three letter abbreviations used for menu items. Mnemonics should be turned off. It is used for entering specific keyboard commands instead of normal mouse picks.
Using symbols, images, rhymes, words, letters or phrases to remember something. E.g. ally nd anced for "said"
The art of memory; a method for improving the memory; a system of precepts and rules intended to assist the memory; artificial memory.
Deliberate strategies for helping memory, many of which use imagery.
level: Comprehensive (3) [ order by level] Memory aids.
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see Heuristics
Meaningful abbreviations and codes for program instructions, used in assembly languages. Also called symbolic instruction codes. 15.16