Definitions for "Mobbing"
Mobbing is a territorial behavior which can be observed in several common species, including especially the family Corvidae. During mobbing, a group of birds will make crazy twists and dives around an intruding animal which is threatening them, their nests, or their territory in general. The purpose is to scare the intruder, often a hawk or owl, away from the area to avoid avian casualties. Often several species will participate in one mobbing episode, ganging up together to chase off a single bird of prey.
Behavior where birds dive at or chase a possible predator. The birds often give loud "mobbing calls" that attract more birds.
a bunch of animals converging on another animal to make it go away or stop doing something - eg. a predator
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The act of killing an (or multiple) NPC(s) for no other reason but to enhance one's character; Killing an NPC for any OOC reason (like boredom, for example). [Note: Mobbing is not legal play on Shadow Siege; NPCs should be treated as if they were PCs, where it is applicable.
a process of humiliating workplace expulsion, and an all too common occurrance with devastating outcomes for the targeted individuals, their families, and ultimately for society
Mobbing refers to a group behavioural phenomenon and a type of animal behaviour. It is also a criminal offence in Scotland.