Definitions for "Mongoloid"
Resembling a Mongol or the Mongols; having race characteristics, such as color, hair, and features, like those of the Mongols.
Referring to Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asians, and the various Indians of North, Central , and South America.
characteristic of or resembling a Mongol; "the mongoloid epicanthic fold"
Keywords:  jocko, devo, booji, collage, homo
Mongoloid is the first single released by Devo in 1977, on the "Booji Boy" label. It was backed with the song Jocko Homo. Mongoloid also had one of the first music videos made using collage.
Of, related to, or affected with, Down syndrome; -- not a technical term.
A person affected with Down syndrome; -- not a technical term.
of or relating to or suffering from Down Syndrome; "a mongoloid child"