Definitions for "Monkeys"
We make numerous remarks about the monkey inside the machine who deals the cards but has an imperfect understanding of the game. For example, the monkey gets fives and deuces confused. Looking for a deuce? The monkey will deal you a five. Aces and fours are also problematic as the monkey just sees that they are pointy. The monkey knows colors, but gets suits mixed up. Looking for a club? The monkey will deal you a spade. Switching games seems to further confound the monkey. The monkey remembers that you really wanted four aces yesterday while you were playing Double Bonus, but doesn't know you have since switched to Deuces Wild. If you get mad at the monkey, he will get disgusted and go on a banana break. Then you're really in trouble. Stupid monkey.
Slang for mental patients being secretly used as guinea pigs for experiments. Refers to test monkeys in labs. NEUROSIS - A mental and emotional disorder that is less serious than a psychosis, is not characterized by disturbance of the use of language, and is accompanied by various bodily and mental disturbances such as anxieties.
A matchcover category whose advertisement portrays monkeys in various human situations. The artist was Lawson Wood.
Animals which should not still be around if human evolution were true. [See Apes.
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