Definitions for "MORNINGSTAR"
Category Ratingsâ„¢: Identifies funds based on their actual investment styles as measured by their underlying portfolio holdings over the past three years. If the fund is less than three years old, the category is based on the life of the fund.
An investment research company known for its ratings of the performance of mutual funds. Morningstar fund reports are found in the reference section of many libraries.
An independent, Chicago-based company considered the leading provider of mutual fund, stock and variable annuity investment data and analysis. It does not own, operate or hold any interest in mutual funds, stocks or insurance products.
a practicing clinical nutritionist and teacher and author of the Ayurvedic Cookbook
n. Generic term for incendiary or fragmentation grenades or devices.
Keywords:  spiked, handle, series, attached, links
a handle attached to a spiked metal ball by a series of metal links