Definitions for "mortgage bond"
A bond secured by a mortgage on a property. Mortgage bonds are backed by real...
The most prevalent type of secured corporate bond. The bondholders are protected by the pledge of the corporation's real assets (real estate), evaluated at the time of issuance. (See Closed-end Provision; Open-end Provision; Prior Lien)
Bond issue by a mortgage on the issuer's property, the lien on which is conveyed to the bondholders by a deed of trust. These bonds enjoy a preferred position relative to unsecured bonds of the issuing corporation.
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a loan from a bank, usually for the purchase of property. The loan is subject to the payment of compound interest and is paid off in regular instalments which include interest and capital.
This is an agreement between you and the bank, stating that the bank will lend you a certain amount of money in the form of a home loan, and that you will pay the bank back over a certain period, on a monthly basis, and at a certain interest rate.
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A loan obtained to purchase property made between you and the mortgage broker, lender or bank.
mortgage broker mortgagee
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A charge on a company's assets and earnings. It is a mortgage held by a trustee, paid by the borrower, but who acts on behalf of the lenders.
a loan made for the purpose of purchasing, adding to or improving property