Definitions for "Motion Blur"
A visual effect of creating a blur in moving objects to prevent jerky and shutter effect movements.
Generally, Motion Blur is an effect caused by integration. Put more simply, it is normally caused by the image being composed from a sum of the latest image plus a smaller portion of the previous sum and so on. The result of this is that moving objects leave a trail behind them giving rise to a blurred appearance. Such an artifact is normally associated with 2-field standards conversion or tube cameras. As a digital video effect the above artifact may be generated deliberately
A blurred area in the image caused by a movement, either by the camera itself or by the photographed subject. The blurriness occurs when the setting of the cameras shutter is not capable of registering the scene fast enough to freeze the moment. Negative A photographic image in which colours are reversed from the original scene. Usually the film negative is used to make a positive print
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