Definitions for "Multipartite virus"
Keywords:  boot, sector, virus, virsues, ondemand
Infects both program and files, master boot records, boot sector and it must be cleaned away. Use a clean, write-protected boot disk to boot your system from drive A:\ to make sure that it is being cleaned. OnDemand Scanner The OnDemand Scanner is one of the scanning options that is started manually. POP3 Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) is a standard protocol used to allow users to download their e-mail from the mail server to their computer.
Both program and boot infector. Removal of multipartite virsues requires cleaning both boot sectors and infected files. Before you attempt the repair, you must have a clean, write-protected boot disk that can boot your system from A: and allow you to access your hard drive.
a virus composed of several parts