Definitions for "MythOS "
Mythos is a musical project started by Bob D'Eith and Paul Schmidt in 1996. Bob (piano) and Paul (guitar) collectively wrote, produced, and performed on the albums with the help of various session performers. The centerpiece of the Mythos sound rests on the acoustic guitar and piano, which are accented by haunting and powerful vocals.
Mythos is a multi-part documentary which consists of a series of lectures given by Joseph Campbell. Volume One of Mythos was released in 1987 and is narrated by Susan Sarandon. Volume Two was released in 1998.
Mythos were a German band formed in Berlin by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Kaske, bassist Harold Weiße and drummer Thomas Hildebrand in 1969. All high school dropouts, the self taught musicians released their eponymous debut in 1971. Influenced by Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel and Hawkwind the album draws on science fiction and ecological themes particularly noticable on the closing track "Encyclopdia Terrae".
The narrative of a work of literature, considered as the grammar or order of words (literal narrative), plot or "argument" (descriptive narrative), secondary imitation of action (formal narrative), imitation of generic and recurrent action or ritual (archetypal narrative), or imitation of the total conceivable action of an omnipotent god or human society (anagogic narrative). One of the four archetypal narratives, classified as comic, romantic, tragic, and ironic.
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or muthos: story, traditional tale, legend, myth, fable
a paradigm, a conceptual framework that defines relationships and provides the meaning to the elements it contains
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MythOS is an adventure game engine .