Definitions for "National Parks"
Keywords:  scenic, grazing, park, preserve, umpqua
Public lands set aside to provide biological, scenic, and recreational opportunities. No mining, grazing or timber harvesting are allowed. Administered by the U.S. Department of Interior Park Service.
Administered by the National Park Service, national parks are lands and coastal areas of great scenic, ecological, or historical importance. They are managed with the dual goals of protection and providing public access.
Public lands administered by USDI National Park Service. These public lands are managed exclusively for the preservation of their natural resources. The National Park Service also manages National Monuments and Historic Sites. It is distinct from the USDA Forest Service in that logging, mining, and grazing are forbidden. Congress has tried to sell our National Parks, because they want the resources available for extraction. One national park is in the Umpqua basin is Crater Lake National Park.