Definitions for "Naturally"
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Naturally is the fifth album by American rock band Three Dog Night, released in 1970 (see 1970 in music).
Naturally is the debut album by J.J. Cale. First released in 1971, it includes his song "After Midnight" which was first recorded by Eric Clapton in 1970.
Naturally is an album by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, released in 2005.
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through inherent nature; "he was naturally lazy"
In a natural manner or way; according to the usual course of things; spontaneously.
according to nature; by natural means; without artificial help; "naturally grown flowers"
in a natural or normal manner; "speak naturally and easily"
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as might be expected; "naturally, the lawyer sent us a huge bill"
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To make a point naturally (without slotting or with builders). Rolling a 3-1 is a way to make the 5 pt. naturally.