Definitions for "Needles"
Screw adjusters to alter the air - fuel ratio in the carburetor. Typically there as a low speed needle and a high speed needle, except in some stock 4-cycle classes where only 1 carb adjustment needle is present. Oftentimes one can see a driver reach down to the engine and fiddle around with something during the race: The driver is adjusting one of the needles.
Needles (1953-1984) was an American Hall of Fame Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred and raced in Florida, the descendant of Blenheim II and a son and grandson of Kentucky Derby winners, Needles was a sickly foal who was given the name because of the numerous veterinary injections he had to be given to overcome broken ribs and pneumonia.
For fine cleaning and manipulation. Available in a multitude of sizes at any grocery, sewing, or drug store, such as Campus Store for a few dollars per assortment.
Elongated rod-like particles.
Elongated acicular crystals, tapering at each end to a fine point, as martensite.
Thin metal piece that pulls the thread through the fabric. Needles come in different types ballpoint needles have a rounded point and are used for knits so it does not snag or pull the fabric. Sharps have a very pointed tip and are used for woven fabrics.
Threading a needle in a dream is a luck omen. If you had difficulty you can expect a period of frustration. To prick yourself with a needle portends problems due to the bad luck of a relative or close friend. To find a needle suggest unnecessary worry. To lose one is a warning of danger through your own careless conduct.
The Needles of the Black Hills of South Dakota are a region of fantastically eroded granite pillars, towers, and spires. Popular with rock climbers and tourists alike, the Needles are accessed from the Needles Highway, which is a part of Sylvan Lake Road (SD 87/89).
long, thin leaf type of conifers
Long, narrow leaves, similar in form to the shape of a needle.
Long, thin, inclusions in gemstones caused by gas within the crystal.
There are three broad classifications: 1) Latch (self acting), 2) Spring beard and 3) Compound (bolt).
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