Definitions for "Neighbors"
Neighbors is a 1980 novel by Thomas Berger. A film adaptation was made in 1981.
Neighbors is a 1981 film based on the book by Thomas Berger. It was released through Columbia Pictures, directed by John G. Avildsen and stars John Belushi as Earl, Dan Aykroyd as Vic (renamed from the novel's Harry), Cathy Moriarty as Ramona, and Kathryn Walker as Enid.
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The Neighbors is a group of musicians from the small municipality of Angono having similar musical interests that mostly involve the ska genre. They started out in 1995 inspired by the underground music scene then. Formerly called Ska Bonanza then Neighborhood, they have already recorded three albums namely: Angono Ska Explosion, From Parquet to Concrete, and a yet still unnamed album due out this 2007.
those who appear to reside in the same vicinity as the family being researched, hence may have connections to that family; inferred from their proximity of enumeration in the census record, their listing together in a tax book, intermarriage, and various other records.
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are numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel. The French roulette provides announces (call bets) where it is possible to bet on a number and up to three of its neighbors on each side.