Definitions for "Neper"
An electrical unit similar to decibel, used to express the ratio between two amounts of power existing at two distinct points. A neper is 8.686 decibels.
Basic unit of a logarithmic scale used for the expression of ratios of voltages, currents, and similar quantities.
a unit expressing the ratio of two numbers as a natural logarithm; the ratio corresponds to (1/2) ln nepers. Quantities differ by 1 neper if one is e2 = 7.389056 times the other. One neper is equal to about 8.685 890 decibels, and in general nepers equal 20/(ln 10) decibels. The neper is accepted for use with SI units, and it may become an SI unit in the future. The unit recognizes the Scottish mathematician John Napier (1550-1617), the inventor of the logarithm (Napier often spelled his name Jhone Neper, and he used the Latin form Ioanne Napero in his writings).
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Nepeta Nephandi
Neper is an old lunar impact crater located near the eastern limb of the Moon. Due to its location the crater must be viewed during a suitable libration, and is very foreshortened. The crater lies on the south edge of Mare Marginis, to the east of Jansky crater.