Definitions for "net position"
The difference between total open long and open short positions in a given security held by an individual.
(1) A financial institution has a position in foreign currency when its assets, including future contracts to purchase, and liabilities, including future contracts to sell, in that currency are not equal. An excess of assets over liabilities is called a net "long" position and liabilities in excess of assets result in a net "short" position. A long net position in a currency which is depreciating results in a loss, because with each day, that position (asset) is convertible into fewer units of local currency. A short position in a currency which is appreciating represents a loss, because with each day, satisfaction of that position (liability) costs more units of local currency. (2) The difference between the open long (buy) contracts and the open short (sell) contracts held by any one entity in any one futures contract month or in all months combined.
Aggregation of all of a customer's open positions in the same contract, where open sold positions are treated as negatives and open buy positions as positives, to produce a net long (bought) or net short (sold) position.
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