Definitions for "Network ID"
The portion of the IP address that identifies a group of computers and devices located on the same logical network. Separated from the host ID using the subnet mask.
See network identifier.
A number used to identify the systems that are located on the same physical network bounded by routers. The network ID should be unique to the internetwork.
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The account name managed by the academic computing departments at each campus of the University of Illinois, ADN at UIC, CTS at UIS, and CITES at UIUC. ()
a passport to most centrally-supported computer services at UVM
an NSAP prefix common to a group of destination NSAPs that can all be reached through the same intermediate system
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a student's key to many online resources at WSU
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(Wireless) A system-level parameter allowing multiple radio devices to operate as a complete wireless network. Enables multiple wireless networks to be co-located within range of each other.
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a number shared by every PC on the network