Definitions for "Newb"
Newb or newbie refers to some-one who is new to the game (such as a low level character). It's also a pejorative to put someone down.
A player new to the game (or new to anything for that matter). Can be used as an insult.
An person new to on-line gaming. Can be used to insult those who betray their newness by displaying an ignorance of on-line gaming rules and etiquette.
a new player
a novice, or new person, who doesn't quite get everything yet
(not n00b) - Newbie. Someone who is new to Lux. Newbies will often do things that don't make sense, but that doesn't mean they are being stupid or rude. Newbies, not n00bs, are sometimes willing to learn and can become great players, but some newbies that get harassed as though they were a n00b become agitated and either quit or become a n00b for being stereotyped as one. It's generally better to make sure you can destinguish who is a newb and a n00b so you don't turn a newb into a n00b, or a n00b into an even worse n00b.
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Short for Newbie. See above.
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a new person, like you