Definitions for "Niddah"
Translates as “separation”. Refers to the physical separation of husband and wife during the woman's menstrual period and the seven days thereafter.
the state of uncleanliness of a person. It can be caused by various things; women are niddah for the duration of their period and until their immersion in the mikveh seven days later. A woman giving birth is also niddah, and Orthodox husbands might not feel able to touch her because of this status. Anyone who has touched a dead body is niddah until they have washed and blessed themselves. The state of niddah has more to do with spiritual rather than physical uncleanliness, and more to do with external contamination of the self by outside environments and influences than internal corruption or sinning. up
A woman after her monthly cycle starts until she goes to the mikvah
"unclean"/"uncleanness"; often used at Qurnran in conjunction with the imagery of "tum'ah" pollution), as for instance in 1QpHab, viii.13, CD, xii.lf., 1QS, iv.10 ("Darkei-Niddah", replete with "Lying" and "fornication" imagery), and the Temple Scroll generally.
abstaining from sex 1/3 of the time to create arousal during rest of month.