Definitions for "Nod"
To bend or incline the upper part, with a quick motion; as, nodding plumes.
To incline the head with a quick motion; to make a slight bow; to make a motion of assent, of salutation, or of drowsiness, with the head; as, to nod at one.
To be drowsy or dull; to doze off, especially while in a sitting position; as, half the class nodded while the professor droned on.
Abbreviation for Notice of Disagreement.
NOTICE OF DEFAULT. To initiate a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding involving a public sale of the real property secured by a Deed-of-Trust, the Trustee records (in the public records) a Notice of Default and Election to Sell the real property collateral.
Notice of Default. A notice that is sent out by the lender when a mortgage payment is late in an attempt to cure or make the loan current.
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In order to correct for atmospheric variation the telescope is moved off-source in each exposure so that sky can be measured.
A coordinated move of the telescope and TSS which moves the target on the NIRC2 focal plane while leaving the LGS fixed with respect to the telescope's optical axis.
To signify by a nod; as, to nod approbation.
express or signify by nodding; "He nodded his approval"
To be careless or inattentive; to make a mistake from lack of attention.
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be almost asleep; "The old man sat nodding by the fireplace"
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agreed to what was being said (Blasted).
A point where devices and equipment connect to a network. A Nod typically serves a specific group of households or end users.
National Organization on Disability
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referring to a node ("nodosus")