Definitions for "Nonpoint source pollution"
Diffuse discharges of waste throughout the natural environment which are a major cause of water pollution. Difficult to pinpoint physically, but can be classified by type: urban runoff, agriculture, mining, septic tank leach fields, and silviculture.
Pollution which is (1) induced by natural processes, including precipitation, seepage, percolation, and runoff; (2) not traceable to any discrete or identifiable facility; and (3) controllable through the utilization of wise management practices.
An indirect discharge, not from a pipe or other specific source. Pollution for which the sources cannot be traced to a single point such as a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant discharge pipe. Nonpoint sources include eroding farmland and construction sites, urban streets, and barnyards. Pollutants from these sources reach waterbodies in runoff, which can best be controlled by proper land management.