Definitions for "nori"
Keywords:  seaweed, sushi, garnish, roasted, dried
A type of dried seaweed, pressed into sheets and used as a seasoning or as a wrapper for sushi.
An edible, dark green seaweed frequently used in Japanese cooking for wrapping sushi.
Thin sheets of dried seaweed. Black or dark purple when dried. Roasted over a flame until green. Used as a garnish, wrapped around rice balls, in making sushi, or cooked with tamari soy sauce and used as a condiment.
Keywords:  apollyon, tekas, tanor, stoci, theon
Nori, Stoci Population: 72,634 (Est. 2955 YA) The last remains of the country of Nori, captured by Stoci during the Second Apollyon War after it fell into anarchy for fear of His return. What was once a grand country, the equal of Tekas, it was slowly worn down into a mere city-state. This was helped along by the mass exodus of people to the green plains of Tanor in 1276 YA. Since then, the country failed to keep up with the other countries, and lost most of its lands when Stoci broke off from Theon in 2205 YA. After its fall into Stoci hands, it has grown a little, yet remains a footnote in the history of what it birthed (See Also: Apollyon).
NFRDI the Oceanographic Research Institute
Classified as marine algae and mainly used for wrapping...