Definitions for "Object ID"
Object Identification The name that uniquely distinguishes one object from all others. The short form of an Object ID is unique on a local machine, or a LAN. A longer form of the Object ID may be required to uniquely identify it on a WAN. (See Universal Name Space) If the local machine name or LAN name is part of the Object ID, special consideration is required to support Object Mobility.
an identifier provided to the framework by the object manager that, along with the object manager ID, uniquely identifies a particular object, no matter to what processor the object moves
The number Adaptive Server uses to uniquely identify (within a database) an Adaptive Server object. If you know an object ID and you know the database the object is in, you can determine the object name. System tables have an object ID that is less than 100 and user tables have an object ID that is 100 or greater.