Definitions for "Oceanus"
Oceanus is an MMORPG that aims to bring a creative, hand-written, exciting story to life through dynamic features and numerous live, GM-run events. Oceanus' world will come to life through 3D renderings of beautiful locales and detailed characters.
The god of the great outer sea, or the river which was believed to flow around the whole earth.
the eldest of the Titans, son of Gaia and Uranus; father of the Oceanids (Styx, Asia, Electra, Doris, Eurynome, Metis, etc.) by his sister Tethys; Oceanus is represented as a river flowing around the a flat disk, 'the world' though eventually, more precisely, Oceanus was the Atlantic Ocean; in his Theogony, Hesiod says that Oceanus fathered over 3,000 rivers by Tethys.
An ocean.