Definitions for "Odds Compiler"
The person working for a BOOKIE who sets the ODDS. The odds compiler is usually an expert on one or two sports and concentrates entirely on setting the odds for those sports. They are often former professional players or coaches in that sport or successful gamblers who the bookies have recruited because they are making so much money. The, is an excellent choice if you are looking for first class client services, great odds and promotions. Join and deposit now via: Neteller, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union. ODDS-ON: A bet where you have to stake more than the amount you expect to profit by. In the U.S., this is any bet that has a negative number in front of it (e.g. -180 means you stake $180 to win $100). In the U.K., this is any bet below EVENS (1/1) - for example 5/6 means you must bet 60 pounds to make a profit of 50. And in Europe it is any bet below 2.00. For example, 1.75 means you must bet $100 to return $175, a profit of $75.
This is a person who sets the odds by using research, their own knowledge and judgement about a sport.
The person working for the bookmaker who sets the odds following research and his own feelings.
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See Oddsmaker.