Definitions for "ODIN"
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The supreme deity of the Scandinavians; -- the same as Woden, of the German tribes.
The Nordic God who is the father of Balder and Thor. He is the Chief God and has only one eye.
The chief god of Norse mythology. A sky god, he lived in Asgard, at the top of the world-tree, and from the Valkyries receives the souls of half of the heroic slain warriors, feasting with them in his great hall, Valhalla; the rest are sent to feast with Freya.
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Multi-faceted feline who's a Main Page Broad, a Brude, and an HTML master. An Idol in his own right, he has a devoted fan following in the Lecherous Cats For Odin. Ever willing to serve, he is a member of Cats for Clay Club and the leader of the Cat Attack Squad.
Odin is a Swedish satellite working in two disciplines; astrophysics and aeronomy. Within the field of astrophysics, Odin is used in the study of star formation. When used for aeronomical observations, it is the ozone layer depletion and effects of global warming that are explored.
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Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) is the electronic North Dakota Library system providing on-line card catalogues and databases. If you are looking up information on books in almost any North Dakota library you are using a portion of ODIN.
ODIN is a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
ODIN is a free software framework for rapid prototyping of magnetic resonance imaging sequences. The sequences can be tested, simulated and executed on scanner hardware from different manufacturers.
ODIN is a Perl/Tk Oracle instance monitoring tool for smaller Oracle installations with fewer DBAs. It aims to be simple, reliable, flexible, extensible and free-of-charge.
Official Diplomatic Information Network
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In computing, Odin is a project to run Microsoft Windows programs on OS/2 or convert them to OS/2 native format. It also provides the Odin32 API to compile Win32 (Windows API) programs for OS/2.