Definitions for "OFC"
Oceania Football Confederation, the Confederation in charge of soccer in the Oceania region, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific island nations.
represents soccer region including Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific island nations; acronym stands for Oceania Football Conference; based in Auckland, New Zealand; president is New Zealander Charles Dembsey and general secretary is New Zealander Josephine King; founded in 1966; current membership stands at 10 nations; no representation at the 1998 World Cup; Australia, as the top qualifier was eliminated by Iran.
offshore financial center
Offshore financial centre
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Open Fieldbus Consortium.
Optical-communication Fiber Conference
optical fiber, conductive.
Open Fiber Control. A power monitoring/control system which continuously monitors the optical fiber link between two ports and prevents any laser emission from exceeding Class 1 levels in the event of a break anywhere in the path.
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abbr.] Original French Concept recording of the musical. Differs substantially from later versions.
Operations Flow Charting. An extremely valuable and practical tool used to identify and challenge Non-Value-Adding Activity to design more efficient processes.
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Outside front cover.