Definitions for "Off the record"
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Almost nothing is off the record unless the source and the reporter have a relationship and a specific understanding based on mutual trust.
not for quotation; "he spoke to the reporter off the record"
Information provided by a source that cannot be used in print. It can, however, be used—without revealing the source—to coax information from another source, and sometimes people can be persuaded to put previously off-the-record information on the record. Not-for-attribution information, by contrast, may be used in print but without the source's name attached. In general practice, information cannot be placed off the record retroactively.
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this is what people say when they want the information they tell you to be unmentioned. This means that they don't want their names or quotes to be said to anyone or printed in your story.
something a source does not want repeated in a news story
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an action taken without the knowledge or approval of The Borgata.