Definitions for "Ogham"
A particular kind of writing practiced by the ancient Irish, and found in inscriptions on stones, metals, etc.
A form of the word Oghgul, meaning "Irish." Many stone memorials bearing the Ogham script exist throughout Wales and are peculiar to it.
sacred writing of islander Celts. It is made with nicks in wood or stone. Each letter is associated with a tree. These letters were created by Ogma, god of knowledge.
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Ogham is a simple wiki-like CMS with a rich JavaScript user interface. It is ideal for people for whom wiki syntax is a hurdle they won't leap, it features easy navigation ,WYSIWYG editing, an image library and more
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Purpose of this tool is to help in device driver development. Common part of a device driver is handling registers and memory mapped structures. Ogham will automatically generate such source code from more abstract XML-based description of a device.