Definitions for "Old school"
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People use this phrase to mean old fashioned, usually as a criticism, and in comparison to themselves. It suggests that the one described as such acts in a way that was appropriate at one time, but is no longer current. Their CO is really old school. The speaker may have been motivated to say this upon receiving some counsel from the CO that was not appreciated. But all circuit overseers, and district overseers and elders in general, receive the same training for their responsibilities, on approximately the same schedule, so no one goes out of date. Overseers who are unable or unwilling to move with Jehovah's chariot[139] are removed from office. (Eze 1:20, 21; Psa 109:8; Act 1:20) [139] See [w94 8/1 10 par. 3], which illustrates how perfectly adaptable Jehovah's celestial chariot is, and shows how we should likewise remain adaptable.
A term sometimes used to describe sneakers that were around when Baby Boomers were going to school, or more recent designs that emulate these designs. When Baby Boomers went to school, it was "The Wonder Years" in real life, before Title IX: basketball boys in Chucks and cheerleaders in Keds.... and the most dangerous thing was getting caught smoking in the restroom (which I [ Charlie] never did). Examples include the adidas " shell-toes" Promodel and Superstar, the Converse " Chuck Taylor" All Star and the One Star, and the Puma Clyde suede sneaker. Charlie should know all about "old school" as he went to one built in 1923.
(adj) - Referring to any older tactic of |Mac10|, sometimes referring to particular locations on particular maps. This term is primarily used when alltalk is on and it is important that the opponent does not know the location of |Mac10| players "Old school on this one, SeaBass. Let's flank them."
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a class of people favoring traditional ideas
Anyone who prefers things the way they used to be. Mostly used to refer to people who still play the original Quake TF. Sometimes used to refer to people who preferred the way the game was before the last patch.