Definitions for "OLY"
Olympic Color Rods, 818 John Street, Seattle, WA 98109, Tel: 206.343.7336 or 800.445.7742, Fax: 206.343.2292, Email: [email protected] Olympic Color Rods - Huge inventory of glassblowing supplies including glass color rods from Gaffer, Reichenbach and Zimmermann., Glass Colors - Dichroic Waterglass; Gaffer Casting, Opals, & Trans; Kugler Opaque, & Trans; Reichenbach Casting, Opaque, & Trans; Zimmermann Opaque, & Trans; Precious Metal Leaf; Spiral Arts Gathering Irons, Punty, & Blowpipes; Blockhead Tools, & Blocks; Correll Paddles & Tools; Jim Moore Tools; Steinert Molds; The Battle-Axe (heat shield); Footing Tools; Exact Torches